Why Connecticut Businesses Choose Rockfon Ceilings

When you’re building or renovating a facility in Hartford, Bristol, or anywhere else in Connecticut, you want durable materials that deliver the best overall value. Rockfon and Chicago Metallic Corporation offer some of the best options in ceiling solutions. Rockfon’s stone wool and metallic ceilings are a simple way to create beautiful spaces that are good for your employees and your clients.

Rockfon Acoustics

Wide open spaces allow noise to travel, and noise creates stress. Continued exposure to ambient noise can cause productivity to drop and create feelings of distraction and fatigue. In classrooms, students hear less of what the teacher is saying. In offices, occupational noise exposure is one of the leading complaints.

When sound levels are the same everywhere in a room, people tend to talk louder in order to be heard, further contributing to the noise. Sounds approach listeners from every direction, making it hard to concentrate. Good sound absorption prevents echoes, soaks up excess noise and increases understanding. By manufacturing with inherently sound-absorbent raw materials already found in Rockwool’s (previously, Roxul) sound insulation products, Rockfon aims to optimize acoustics with high-NRC ceiling tiles shown to absorb ambient sound and significantly reduce noise.

Fire Safety

Rockfon stone wool tiles are made from basalt rock, a material that doesn’t burn. It can resist heat of up to 2150 degrees Fahrenheit, so if there’s open flame in your building, your ceiling will not cause it to spread. Metallic ceilings are also non-combustible.

Indoor Air Quality

Research shows indoor air can be even more polluted than outdoor air, because energy efficient buildings trap allergens and pollutants inside. Rockfon ceilings have no VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and meet strict requirements for low particle emissions.

Rockfon stone wool ceilings contain no organic materials and are water-repellant. Microorganisms aren’t attracted to them as a food source, so mold and mildew won’t grow. They’re easy to clean with a soft brush vacuum attachment, and some products can be disinfected twice a year through steam cleaning or using approved disinfectants. Metal ceilings inhibit mold and bacteria growth because of properties inherent to their materials.

Humidity Resistance

Other types of ceiling tiles absorb moisture in the air. Over time they discolor and may start to sag. Rooms like kitchens and bathrooms contain increased levels of water vapor, making tiles even more likely to fall out of the grid. Rockfon stone wool panels hold their dimensions even when they’re installed with areas of 100 percent relative humidity. Even if they’re installed during construction before windows and doors, they’ll hold their shape throughout the lifetime of your building.

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