Which lock systems will keep your clients the safest?

When choosing a locking system for a client there are many factors to consider. From the material of the door to the metal grade of the lock, each part needs to be carefully thought out.

Planning the proper security for your next project is as easy as contacting Merrimack Building Supply. We can walk you through the wide variety of options that we have available. In addition to our large in stock supply of locks, we offer spec writing, take off, and project management services.

Here are our tips for choosing the right lock for your next project:
1. The fabrication of the door – Different door material require different types of locks. Make sure you are pairing the right types together so you don’t waste time and materials when installing on site.

2. The type of locking solution needed – Exterior locks and interior locks serve very different purposes. For example, outside locks will have higher security needs than an inside office lock in most cases.

3. Up to date security standards – Look for deadbolts with a Grade 1 rating that meets UL 438, EN 12209, or A2P France standards. A high grade deadbolt will prevent breakage from a force or cutting attacks. Schlage now offers Smart Locks that can provide a new level of security. Merrimack can help to make sure they are the right solution for your project and budget.

4. Type of mechanism – Single or double deadbolt, lockable thumbturn, or knoblocks all have their rightful place. Determining what is needed for different types of doors, different types of spaces and different locking needs takes time and research. Considering not only physical safety but fire safety and weather safety is an important step in any decision. Falcon offers a variety of lock and deadbolt types in a variety of finishes.

5. Key copying protection – You don’t want just anyone copying the key to your building or office. Choosing a high quality lock set that has built in key copying protection can be a very smart choice. Options like Mul-T-Lock have patented key cutting machines that need a security card in order to copy a key set. This level of protection can be an asset when lending keys for cleaners or contract employees.

Merrimack Building Supply is here to answer any questions you might have about choosing your next lock system. We are happy to meet with you are show you the options that will work best for your project. Fill out our contact form to schedule a consultation.

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