What’s Ahead in 2019

Keeping in touch with new and emerging trends in the construction industry will help companies prepare for whatever lies ahead in 2019.

According to Rachel Novotny, the marketing project coordinator at eSUB Construction which makes construction software for subcontractors, there are a number of interesting trends that began in 2018 and should continue through 2019.

While the construction industry is slow to embrace technology, construction project management software is constantly improving. Project management solution programs address issues including scheduling, project management and time in ways that increase efficiency.

Gathering accurate photos and detailed videos of the landscape, an important part of many construction projects, can be facilitated and improved by using drone technology. The use of drones has gained popularity in recent years. They are increasing safety around the job site since they can get to hard-to-access places. Drones are less expensive than they used to be and worth looking into in 2019 as a welcome addition to a company’s tool chest.
Building with green technology is a continuing trend in the construction industry and should become even more important in 2019. In green construction, projects are built in an environmentally responsible and resource-efficient way, beginning with planning and design and following through in construction and maintenance. Companies are utilizing a wide variety of recycled materials in their products. Among the most unusual offerings are bricks made out of recycled cigarette butts.

When it comes to safety, the marketplace is seeing an increase in better safety equipment. With three million injuries on work sites each year (according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics), safety improvements are a growing concern. There are work boots that can connect to Wi-Fi, send GPS coordinates and sense if someone has fallen.

With improvements in safety, technology and green building on the rise, companies can look forward to many positive changes in 2019. One of the drawbacks continues to be a labor shortage. With a low national unemployment rate, it’s difficult for companies to fill open positions. Figuring out ways to draw more people into the construction industry is essential.

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