Why you Should Use Rockfon® Acoustic Ceilings for Your Healthcare Facility

Healthcare facilities (hospitals, doctor’s offices, clinics, rehab centers, nursing homes) focus on creating comforting environments for their patients. They are moving away from the harsh, cold atmosphere of previous generations to focus on a warmer environment incorporating many different design elements and offering a more aesthetic appeal. Design is not just about looks and layout but is about acoustics, hygiene, fire safety and sustainability. Rockfon® is a leader in this field and  provide cost-effective solutions that help address the main challenges of healthcare spaces.

Hygiene is a number one concern in healthcare industry where incidences of hospital-acquired infections are high and of prime concern to facility managers, hospital directors and healthcare providers. Building materials in healthcare facilities should not have a negative impact on the control of air cleanliness, which is essential in preventing the spread of infections. They must combine durable surfaces with good hygienic properties and be easy to clean and disinfect, all while maintaining basic functional and aesthetic characteristics. Rockfon® ceiling tiles are made of water-repellent stone wool which provides no sustenance to microorganisms.

A quiet environment helps patients heal. It has been found that a soothing environment is essential to speedy recovery and patient rehabilitation. Unwanted sound can have an adverse effect on patients and staff. Highly sound-absorbent Rockfon® ceilings improve acoustics and reduce the distracting sounds of distant voices, machinery and busy corridor footstep/trolley traffic. Rockfon® sound insulating ceilings also contribute to higher confidentiality and privacy required in doctors’ offices and examination rooms.

How do you keep your healthcare facility safe? Fire safety is one of the most important issues for health care facilities, especially for hospitals where evacuation is almost impossible in operating rooms, intensive care units and neonatal units. The use of non-combustible Class A materials like Rockfon® stone wool ceilings will limit the spread of fire, reduce the risk of smoke and droplets and remain stable in the event of fire.

And last, but not least, how do you build a sustainable building? To meet their economic, environmental and social objectives, the healthcare industry is laser-focused on creating a sustainable patient-care environment. Rockfon® is a leader in providing durable, versatile ceilings from naturally renewable raw materials that will make this possible.

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