Tech is Taking the Guesswork Out of Creating Safer Job Sites

Safety. This simple little word likely means everything to you as a business owner, particularly if you own a construction company. If it doesn’t, it certainly should!

Due to the nature of the industry, contractors and builders are at a considerable disadvantage when it comes to managing worker safety. Most job sites are littered with potential hazards including dangerous machinery, building materials, and even other workers. Accordingly, strict adherence to safety guidelines and expectations are critical to ensure a low-risk work environment, however, just because you lay down the ground rules does not guarantee that they are always being followed.

So what are you supposed to do to control potentially dangerous situations and worker habits from creeping up when you aren’t around to supervise? Thankfully, modern technology has provided tools that can go on site to better monitor behavior, environmental risks, and provide instant notification of any incidents that do occur so you can respond swiftly. These technological resources, known as IoT [Internet of Things], can help you achieve better safety, accountability and efficiency on every project.

Here are some great reasons to consider moving your company toward a more high-tech job site that embraces IoT capabilities.

Lets start with how IoT is actually being used by builders and contractors right now
Simply put, IoT is changing the game for owners and project managers by providing what they’ve never been able to track before: quantifiable data that demonstrates “…where tradespeople are spending time and when (as well as where and how) safety incidents are occurring.” From drones that can provide three hundred sixty degree monitoring of the job site, to sensors that measure and report potentially dangerous environmental and structural problems, to wearable devices that not only report unsafe behavior by workers, but also notify of incidents in real time so you can respond more swiftly in case of an injury or other serious occurrence. Safety and efficiency go hand in hand, so incorporating IoT into your projects maximizes your ability to complete them faster, better, and with lower risk.

Embracing tech to build a safer job site will save you a lot of money long term
Labor is the most expensive part of a project, and allowing unsafe practices on the job site to go unchecked can drive up your cost of labor substantially. On-the-job injuries, apart from obvious liability concerns, generally lead to lost manpower. That means the rest of your employees have to work harder and generally longer hours to make up for the absence of one or more individuals who got hurt. If you’re on a schedule, this can lead to pricey repercussions such as extra overtime, sourcing outside help, and other costs that can stretch your labor budget. Insurance is another cost that can become exorbitant if you allow unsafe practices to rule your job sites. Insurance companies rate based on risk, and if your employees regularly get hurt on the job, that can drive your costs up substantially. If IoT can help you minimize on the job incidents, that means less lost manpower, lower insurance premiums, and more money in your pocket at the end of every project.

Your employees will thank you for it
Okay, they might not ever thank you for it, but have confidence that they appreciate you looking out for their best interest. If technology can help prevent even one person from sustaining an injury on the job, it’s probably a worthwhile investment for both they, and your business.

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