When it comes to stone wool ceiling, there is only one name: ROCKFON.

Our compliment of products and solutions are critical in addressing modern problems with building interiors. Be it compliance with indoor noise regulations or creating a contemporary workspace, ROCKFON stone wool ceiling tiles get the job done.

ROCKFON has countless benefits in comparison to the traditional dropped ceilings that have populated buildings for years. A well-designed office is one where employees can focus and block out distractions. ROCKFON solutions are renowned for exceptional acoustic performance while also achieving beautiful aesthetics. Also, ROCKFON is constructed to inhibit the spread of fire, protecting your people and property as well as rescuers in the event a catastrophe.

Durable and reliable, ROCKFON is designed to resist humidity, meaning it doesn’t absorb water or maintain moisture even in extreme circumstances.  This means your ROCKFON ceiling won’t rot, droop, erode or become a breeding ground for hazardous mold or bacteria.

If you envision a certain design for your building, ROCKFON ceiling tiles can bring it to life. ROCKFON has an exceptionally smooth surface.

Due to the smooth surface, it contains zero imperfections or crevices and adds a touch of elegance to any room. Tired of fluorescents? ROCKFON’s Sonar ceiling panels have a smooth white surface that can reflect up to 85% of light, which means you can outfit your room with soothing low lights and still have a well-lit room.

Because they are lighter in weight, ROCKFON’s acoustic stone wool and metal solutions are a breeze to install. You’ll be able to have a completely customized personal space that looks good and muffles sound in no time.

Discovered on the Hawaiian Islands in the early 1900s, stone wool is a natural, reusable and bountiful resource that is a byproduct of volcanic activity and plate tectonics. ROCKFON is a subsidiary of ROCKWOOL International of Denmark, which has over 75 years of experience as the world’s largest producer of stone wool. Currently, the ROCKWOOL Group runs 27 factories across the world and employs nearly 10,000 people.

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