Imagine yourself at a grand concert hall with an orchestra ready to perform. As the first notes hit you, the sheer magnitude is powerful and concentrated, and unlike anything you’ve ever heard before. Well contrast that to your noisy office for a moment. The phones ringing and chatter fills the air. Trying to concentrate with such racket becomes an impossibility.

With ROCKFON Ceiling Solutions, we are able to transfer the sound quality of a big stage right into your office. With enhanced acoustic quality, you’ll be able to block out distractions and give your personal space a sense of privacy and be able to maximize productivity.

Here’s what we have to offer:

Stone Wool Ceiling Tiles

Recall the old drop ceilings from past office buildings you’ve worked in. The square tiles are ugly, they crumble easily and set the tone for a sterile room. Plus, transporting them and cutting for angles always led to a total mess, filling the air with hazardous material. With ROCKFON’s Stone Wool Ceiling Tiles, you’re able to have a clean, customized ceiling that will fit into any design. Because they are so customizable, ROCKFON’s stone wool ceiling tiles are come in all shapes and sizes. Be it baffles, Islands or suspended ceilings, the choice is yours.

Suspended Ceilings

  • Design White
    • ROCKFON Sonar®
    • ROCKFON Sonar Activity®
    • ROCKFON Sonar dB®
    • ROCKFON Alaska®
    • ROCKFONAlaska dB®
  • Design Decoration
    • ROCKFON Color-all®
  • Basic White
    • ROCKFON Pacific®
    • ROCKFONArtic®
    • ROCKFON Koral®
    • ROCKFON Tropic®
  • Commercial
    • ROCKFON Cinem Black®
  • Special Ara
    • Hygiene
      • ROCKFON Hygenic Plus®
    • Medical
      • ROCKFON Medical Standard®
      • ROCKFON Medical Plus®
      • ROCKFON Medical Air®
    • Impact Resistance
      • ROCKFON Impact®
    • Industry
      • ROCKFON Facett®
      • ROCKFON Industrial Opal®
      • ROCKFON Industrial Nature®
      • ROCKFON Industrial Black®


  • ROCKFON Coutour®
  • ROCKFON Multiflex Fibral Baffles®
  • ROCKFON Multiflex Opal Baffles®


  • ROCKFON Island®

Metal Ceilings

For a swanky, industrial design, ROCKFON’s metal ceilings are adaptable to any number of patterns and aesthetics you’re trying to achieve.


  • ROCKFON Intaline Round Base Metal Baffle Ceilings®
  • ROCKFON IntalineV-Base Metal Baffle Ceilings®


  • ROCKFON CurvGrid Curved Ceiling System with EZ-Flex Panels®
  • ROCKFON CurvGrid One-directional Curved Ceiling System®
  • ROCKFON CurvGrid Two-directional Curved Ceiling System®


  • ROCKFON Planar PlanarPlus Linear Ceilings®
  • ROCKFON PlanarMacro MacroPlus Linear Ceilings®

Open Cell

  • ROCKFON BeamGrid Open Plenum Ceiling System®
  • ROCKFON CubeGrid Open Plenum 15/16 Ceiling System®
  • ROCKFON GraphGrid Open Plenum Wire Panel®
  • ROCKFON Magna T-Cell Pen Plenum Ceiling System®
  • ROCKFON MetalScrapes Wire Mesh Panels®

Plank Tile

  • Planositle
  • SpanAir
  • Traditions


  • ROCKFON Metaline Lock-in Acoustical Security Ceiling System®
  • ROCKFON Securiline Plank Acoustical Security Ceiling System®

Perimeter Treatment

  • ROCKFON Infinity EDX/SCD Engineered Perimeter Trim®
  • ROCKFON Infinity Engineered Perimeter Trim®
  • ROCKFON Infinity Paired Bracet Perimeter Trim®
  • ROCKFON Infinity Standard Permiter Trim (Straight)®
  • ROCKFON Infinity D (for 5/8 Drywall) Perimeter Trim®
  • ROCKFON Infinity R (Reveal Edge) Permiter Trim®
  • ROCKFON Infinity Z (Razor Edge) Perimeter Trim®
  • ROCKFON Quick Ship Infinity Perimeter Trim (Straight)®

Suspension Systems

  • 1 3/8” Drywall Suspension
  • 1 3/8” Suspension
  • 15/16” Suspension
  • 9/16” Bolt Suspension
  • 9/16” Suspension
  • Accessories

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