Improvements in modern design and architecture have opened up the eyes of businesses around the country to install acoustically enhanced ceiling tiles with the ROCKFON product. ROCKFON solutions are masterfully designed to absorbs sound waves while at the same time strengthen speech clarity within a building.

Because every building is uniquely designed, ROCKFON ceilings adapt to whatever acoustic specifications you desire. Unlike unfashionable dropped ceiling tiles, ROCKFON has the style and function to make your building stand out. Here’s why:



ceiling panels and its related products are made from stone wool, which means they’re engineered to be up to 50% lighter than former industry staples such as gypsum or wet felted mineral fiber. These material advantages lend themselves to many positives in installation, as well. Creating a perfect office setting takes far less time to complete, saving your business time and money in the process. Also, physically installing these products are far less taxing on the body, which can prevent injuries.

Safe from Disasters

One hidden benefit of ROCKFON products is their ability to keep your building safe from disaster.  ROCKFON diminishes the effects of heat transfer from fire, as the fibers won’t melt below 1000° Celsius. Unlike flammable material, ROCKWOOL suppresses the damages and won’t cause a fire to spread. These steps are critical to the protection of occupants and first responders, as well as the integrity of any property.


In the past, producing a structurally sound ceiling tile often meant quite a bit of mess. In many instances, the material would crumble to shreds without much effort. Other times, taking a saw to a ceiling tile left a room covered in annoying, unhealthy dust. The beauty of ROCKFON is that even cutting it is efficient. All it takes is a single stroke to achieve optimal precision, leaving your building with much less waste and cost. ROCKFON also lends itself to creating perfect shapes to achieve a pristine ceiling.


Another advantage to using ROCKFON products is the reduced carbon footprint. ROCKWOOL is currently the world’s largest producer of stone wool and has been in business for the better part of a century. What makes the ROCKWOOL group different is the way the raw materials they use. Basalt Rock, which is abundant around the world due to activity from volcanoes and plate tectonics, is an ingredient in stone wool. ROCKWOOL only uses a tiny fraction of the world’s Basalt resources, and the company is logistically streamlined to transport the material in close proximity to the sources.

In conjunction with making a minimal impact on raw materials, up to over 40% of all ROCKFON comes from recycled product. How does this happen? 95% of ROCKWOOL and ROCKFON waste and excess is recycled internally or sold as raw materials to other industries as raw materials for manufacturing purposes.

ROCKFON Ceiling Solutions


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