Rockfon® Acoustic Plenum Barriers

Implementing them into your building design…

Why you need them:

Over the past 10 years, building surveys have shown that people have been dissatisfied with the level of sound absorption and overall privacy between rooms that buildings provide. Noise is the number one complaint in areas like offices, medical facilities and schools. In one example, students are currently not able to understand one out of every four spoken words in classrooms due to inadequate ceiling acoustics.

People have come to expect acoustic privacy when they enter a room and close the door. In the medical community, in order to comply with HIPAA requirement, physicians are required to provide areas for confidential communication with their doctors and healthcare professionals. WELL Building Standard requires a sound-blocking level (Noise Isolation Class) of 40 points between two adjacent offices.

Acoustic standards, guidelines and rating systems have become more widespread in their use during the past five years. These indicate a trend of requiring higher sound absorption and higher levels of sound blocking.

Installation is easier that you think:

Rockfon Plenum Barrier Board is made from pliable stone wool so that it conforms into tight spaces and around beams or columns and mechanical, electrical and plumbing elements that may be located in the plenum. Panels are cut slightly oversized then compressed both vertically and laterally while installed to help prevent gaps. They are held in place using a combination of metal screws and installation washers at the top, taping along the sides and a friction-fit along the bottom. No caulk or sealant need to be used. Additional installation details are available at

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