Quick guide to successful sound design

Sound surrounds us at all time. From classrooms to hospitals, office buildings to doctors offices, we deal with noise pollution every day.

Some situations call for noise to be reduced for privacy. Doctor’s offices and hospitals need to not only be hygienic but need to be able to keep noise to a minimum. Increased patient stress and decreased patient sleep occur in care areas without high performing, sound absorptive, acoustic ceilings. (source)

In order to keep patients safe from infection and reduce stress it is important to think about what type of ceiling tile you will use. Merrimack Building Supply is a supplier of ROCKFON, whose ceiling tiles are made of water-repellent stone wool which provides no sustenance to microorganisms. This makes it perfect for hospitals and doctors offices.

When designing office acoustics there is a need to provide workers with a low level of sound not usually found in modern open office design. Many offices are now filled with glass, concrete and few walls to prevent sound from traveling. All of these designs are beautiful, but make it very difficult to keep sounds to a minimum.

A suspended ceiling can help to prevent sounds from echoing and thinking about ways to dampen noise with baffles or islands if a suspended ceiling can’t be installed will be appreciated by workers for years to come. If you are having trouble keeping out noise in a completed project ROCKFON is light and easy to install making it ideal for both new projects and renovations.

Many classrooms are finding that students need properly designed sound in order to understand what is said by teachers and other students. When a student can understand what is happening around them, they are more able to concentrate and participate.

Planning optimized acoustics in classrooms and learning spaces is an important part of any design. ROCKFON has many products meant to maximize productivity by keeping noise down.

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