The quality of the products applied on the inside of a construction project is very important, but just as important is the outside, the finished look. When choosing an exterior finish product, besides the cost, quality is of the utmost importance. Whether you just want a decorative finish to just give your project a great look or you want to help protect the project and help with energy costs, we have some great options.

We carry four distinct exterior finish products:

  1. Exterior Insulation Finish System (EIFS)
  2. Stone Veneer
  3. Thin Natural Stone
  4. Fiber Cement Siding

Dryvit® is a high-performance system of products used world-wide and are very popular in the United States. Some people will still refer to it as stucco, but it’s not, its better. As the exclusive distributor in New England, we have the great opportunity to provide you with this amazing product. We highly recommend that only a Dryvit-certified applicator install this product, and we will be happy give you numerous referrals.
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Eldorado Stone, The Most Believable Architectural Stone Veneer in the World is a thin made-man decorative stone for both exterior and interior applications. If you visit our NH corporate office or our branch in Massachusetts, you will see this stone already installed on our sales floor, but all our offices have sample boards for your viewing.

QuarryCut – Natural Thin Stone is a real stone, custom cut for easy installation giving a beautiful natural finish. It’s great for house fronts, fireplaces, and any other interior/exterior projects. We have display stands at our offices in NH, MA, and CT.

Certainteed Fiber Cement Siding is an unmatched quality exterior product for residential applications.


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