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Merrimack Building Supply is your supplier for all your gypsum product needs. Our warehouses keep a large stock of products you need to get the job done. From sheetrock and compounds to blueboard and plaster we have you covered. We also have a great stock of specialty boards; moisture resistant, abuse/impact resistant, all types of sound deadening board, tile backer, cement board, and shaft wall liner. If you’re looking for exterior sheathing we’ve got stock from manufacturers such as: National Gypsum eXP®, Certainteed GlasRoc®, and GP DensGlass®.

Gypsum Products

Although we supply many major brands, our major lines include National Gypsum and Certainteed Gypsum (formerly known as BPB of America). Our National Gypsum products includes the XP® and Permabase® (cement board) lines, both known for their high quality. Among our Certainteed Gypsum products is the high-performance GlasRoc®, an exterior sheathing board that is better than anything else in the market today.

Besides regular and fire-code drywall and plasterboard, we also have mold and mildew-resistant board (XP®), flex-board, cement board, sound-board, and other interior and exterior specialty gypsum board products.

Naturally we also carry gypsum board accessories, including joint-compounds, mesh and paper tapes, corner beads, plastic beads, fasteners, and more.

Drywall Supplier MA, NH, CT

Drywall Products:

  • Sheetrock
  • Blueboard
  • Abuse / Impact resistant
  • Sound deadening
  • Foil faced
  • Exterior sheathing
  • Tilebacker
  • Cement board / permabase
  • Shaftwall
  • Lead board




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