Toilet Accessories

Merrimack Building Supply can provide any toilet accessories, such as mirrors, grab bars, toilet dispensers, hot air dryers, paper towel dispensers or disposals, medicine cabinets, etc from Bradley, ASI, Bobrick, AJW Washroom, Dyson, Xlerator, or Ketchum.

Toilet Compartments

Merrimack Building Supply has relationships with many different manufacturers of toilet compartments to provide a variety of materials and cost. We can provide stainless steel, powdercoat, phenolic, plastic laminate, solid plastic. Partitions come in different mounting configurations: floor mounted, overhead braced, ceiling-hung, and floor to ceiling mounted. We provide toilet partitions from Bradley, Global, Accurate, Scranton/Comtec/Santana Products, Bobrick, Hadrian, Knickerbocker, AJW Washroom.

Wall and Door Protection

Wall Protection is used in different applications such as corner guards, wall guards, kick plates, and chair rails. These applications can come in many different materials: vinyl, metal, wood, laminates. We can provide all these kinds of products from Inpro, Construction Specialties, Koroguard/Koroseal, and others.

Merrimack Building Supply has access to different locker manufacturers such as Penco, Lyon, Salsbury, ASI, Hadrian and Bradley. Depending on what material (metal, laminate, plastic, wood) and what configurations (single, double, triple tier) you are looking for, we can find a good product for the right price for you.

Fire Extinguishers/Fire Extinguisher Cabinets/Specialty Accessories

We can provide all items from JL Industries, Larsen and Potter Roemer for any of your fire protection needs.

Other Specialties

We can provide material pricing for manual and/or motorized shades, projection screens, markerboards, tackboards, entry mats, signage and postal specialties.

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