Temporary has never looked so good. Merrimack Building Supply is proud to carry NuBarricade, a reusable modular barricade system that looks great in Malls, Airports, Retail settings and more. As a NUDO product, NuBarricade brings convenience and technology together without the hassle and mess of traditional drywall.

NuBarricade is lightweight, and made with durable Honeycomb Kraft Paper core which is designed to assemble quickly and easily. NuBarricade also accommodates a variety of sizes to fit any system you are looking to construct.

NuBarricade’s is designed to have no on-site framing, painting, or carpentry which allows you to save time and money! Its easy to maintain a clean worksite with no sanding, drywall dust, or dumpsters which is sure to make you and your clients happy. Click here to learn more about NuBarricade.

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