Not All Toilet Partitions are Created Equal

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When it comes to selecting the best toilet partitions for your project, it’s important to consider how the units will be secured in place and to research the materials used to ensure that they will be able to withstand the anticipated patrons, traffic and wear and tear.

Floor anchored partitions are easy to install and can have an overhead brace if desired. Choosing a partition that hangs from the ceiling is a great option if ease of cleaning the floor is a priority. However, the most stable toilet partitions are those that are anchored from the floor to the ceiling.

Additionally, urinals can be hung from the wall, mounted on the floor, hung from the ceiling or mounted from the floor to the ceiling. There are many options and it’s best to determine which works best with your intended audience.

In addition, to the security of the partition it’s important to research the variety of materials that are available. Painted metal and stainless steel partitions are among the least expensive, but tend to rust, get scratches or absorb odors.

Solid color reinforced composite toilet partitions are a good choice for restrooms that experience high traffic and may be susceptible to vandalism, such as those found in schools and malls. These units have a high resistance to graffiti, scratches, dents and water damage.

Compact laminate partitions are also a great option for high traffic areas. In addition to being dent, scratch and graffiti-resistant, these units can be washed down for easy cleaning.

High density polyethylene toilet partitions have advantages over other partition materials. These types of partitions are made with a solid, highly-durable plastic material that minimize the growth of mold. Mold can be a serious issue and if found inside a partition’s core should be replaced immediately.

Another advantage of high density polyethylene toilet partitions are their strength and ability to withstand hard impacts. While partitions made with other plastics can experience a great deal of wear and tear, high density polyethylene toilet partitions are very low maintenance and usually just need to be cleaned periodically.

High-end toilet partitions for use in buildings with low/medium traffic flow, such as office buildings, corporate headquarters and universities, are available in a wide array of colors and patterns.

Before choosing the right toilet partition for your project, be sure to check building codes in your area to be sure that the toilet partitions you’d like to install meet regulations. At Merrimack Building Supply we’d be happy to discuss your options and get you the partitions that best fit your needs. Contact us today!

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