Must-have drywall tools

You might already know that Merrimack Building Supply carries all your gypsum product needs. That our warehouses keep a large stock of products from sheetrock and compounds to blueboard and plaster and a great stock of specialty boards; moisture resistant, abuse/impact resistant, all types of sound deadening board, tile backer, cement board, and shaft wall liner.

Did you know, we also carry all the drywall tools you need to get the job done? Not just tape and trowels, but drywall sanders, T-Squares and mud pans.

Here is our list of must-have tools:

1. Drywall Knife – grab a variety of sizes of drywall knife from 4 inches up to 12 inches. They come in plastic and steel, use what feels comfortable to you.
2. Utility Knife – a simple tool good for many different types of projects. This razor blade can make nice straight cuts in drywall.
3. Drywall T-Square – make sure to purchase an full 48 inch T-Square to make cutting full sheets of drywall easier.
4. Sanding Pole – a sanding pole will make reaching the top of your wall easier. Screw it into the end of your sander and add your sandpaper and your ready to go!
5. Sanding Sponge – perfect for touch-ups and small areas. We carry both wet and dry sanding sponges.
6. Mud Pan – used for carrying mud with you while you work, it has straight sides perfect for scraping off your putty knife.
7. Hawk – this large rectangle with a handle below is the professional tool used for carrying mud with you while you work.
8. Putty Knife – used for applying mud to small areas and repairs, this knife is usually between 2 and 6 inches.
9. Keyhole Saw – a thin serrated knife used for cutting tight corners and curves in drywall.

These are our Top 9 tools for getting the job done, and at Merrimack Building Supply we believe it’s important to choose top quality drywall tools, if you’re looking for a top quality finished result.

Call any of our locations to talk to an expert for advice on which tools you need for your job. If we don’t have the tool you need in stock, we can special order it for you and have it shipped to the store or your location. We look forward to assisting you on your next project!

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