Inbound Marketing: Why Fishing is Easier Than Hunting

When you think about it, both fishing and hunting require a tremendous amount of skill. You must understand where to go, how to lure your target out of hiding, and how to execute when it’s time to catch, trap or shoot. However, the tremendous advantage fishing has over hunting is that, assuming proper bait and location, fish will eventually capture themselves. This differs from deer or other wild game who might allow you to lure them out of hiding, but they will keep their distance and make the catch challenging for you.

In terms of marketing your business, your potential clients could either be deer or fish depending on how you choose to engage them.

As Builders, we often rely on classic strategies to uncover new clients and prospects. This can mean outbound (cold) calling, distributing fliers and point of sale material, trade shows, and other outbound efforts. The problem is, this strategy to generating business often requires maximum effort for lackluster results. Fortunately, modern technological tools have facilitated ‘inbound marketing’ which utilizes digital resources such as your website and social media to engage prospects and drive business to your door.

Here are a few ways you should consider adjusting your marketing strategies to develop an inbound pipeline of warm leads ready to do business with you.

Lead with your website
Do you have a website? Does it have a streamlined and professional appearance? What does it do for your business? Knowing the answers to these questions is an important start to developing your inbound marketing strategy. In order for your website to work for you, it should contain content, calls to action, and tools to advance leads to sales once they land on your page. According to an article published by the Associated Builders and Contractors of NH and VT, “by sticking with inbound marketing strategies, you’ll continually bring in new leads and grow in authority, however… inbound marketing does take an ample commitment and patience.” In other words, it works if you are willing to invest time and money, but the return on investment will almost certainly justify your expense.

Learn what SEO means, then find someone who can help you with yours
One of the most common ways builders and contractors are discovered is through search engines such as Google and Bing. Search Engine Optimization is the strategy of improving your website to hit more of the metrics these search engines use to rank businesses, with the ultimate goal of landing your business on the first page of search results. This will greatly improve your exposure, and increase your inbound business. However, SEO is complicated, so it’s best to consult with a professional.

Take your business live on social media
Facebook, Twitter and other such sites are not just built for posting funny videos and ranting about politics. They are also incredible business tools, and platforms to connect directly with potential customers. If you haven’t already, you should create a business page for your company, connect with key promoter clients and business partners, then start posting regular business-related content. As your sphere of connections grows, your brand will organically be exposed to brand new prospects and business opportunities you might not ever reach through other marketing mediums.

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