How NRC can help you select your next acoustic ceiling tiles

What is NRC?

NRC stands for Noise Reduction Coefficient. This is the measurement of the amount of noise absorbed by a ceiling material. Recent changes in the building and standards guidelines means that planning for sound absorption is more important than ever. It is a myth that you can both absorb AND block noise using acoustic ceiling tiles. There is not enough mass in ceiling tiles to do both, plus the addition of things such as lights and vents make the task even more difficult.

Why is NRC important?
The Noise Reduction Coefficient of your chosen acoustic ceiling tiles is important to understand when planning for blocking and absorbing noise. The best sound reduction plan will depend on using walls to block sound and ceilings to absorb sound.When you look at Rockfon® products you’ll see that they give each one a NRC number. This will help you to understand the amount of noise that can be absorbed by that product.

What is the NRC rating for Rockfon® products?
Rockfon® has developed a interactive chart so that you can see which of their high-quality products will work best in your project. You can sort through different levels of possible sound in a room and users sensitivity to noise. Check out the chart here, under “Find The Right Solution for You.”

A good NRC starts at 0.7 and goes as high as 0.9. Rockfon® offers solutions at a variety of levels. Start with evaluating the people who will use your space and how they will use it. Places such as a restaurant will have a high noise potential, but people are expecting a restaurant to be loud so it is a low sensitivity. A good product in that case would be Rockfon Tropic. This acoustic tile has a NRC rating of 0.85-0.9 and can be depended on to absorb a medium amount of sound.

Visit our ceiling solutions page for a complete listing of our Rockfon® products.

Merrimack Buidling Supply can help you to figure out how much sound you need to absorb and which Rockfon product is best for your project. Contact us to talk to one of our experts and find out more about Rockfon.

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