Hollow Steel Doors are an Attractive Alternative to Wood

Besides being aesthetically pleasing we believe that hollow steel doors are a solid, durable and safe alternative to wood. We offer two brands of steel doors that can provide an attractive complement to your buildings exterior. Merrimack Building Supply is a large stocking distributor of hollow metal doors and frames. We also have custom in-house fabrication of sidelites, borrowed lites, and transoms. Merrimack Building Supply is a certified and Underwriters Laboratories listed company, allowing us to work on and fabricate fire rated products.

Why Steel?

  • Steel is durable – these doors are perfect for exterior application where they will be heavily used and exposed to the elements. Steel stands up better than wood in our ever changing Northern climate.
  • Steel can be fire and blast proof – depending on the style of door you choose, metal doors can be fire rated up to 3 hours. Some manufacturers can provide bullet proof and sound rated doors.
  • Steel is energy efficient – steel doors are filled with polystyrene, honeycomb or polyurethane door cores that will help to keep your space the perfect temperature.
  • Steel is secure – one of the most common entry points for thieves is the front door of a building. A steel door, when properly installed, will be difficult for anyone to breach.

When considering doors for a commercial build, we offer steel doors and metal frames from Steelcraft and JR Metal Frames that can meet any need.

Why We like Steelcraft…
Steelcraft’s offerings includes flush, stile and rail, severe weather, stainless steel, as well as the Grain-Tech Series of stainable steel doors that provide the beauty of wood with the benefits and features of steel. Steelcraft has set the standard for performance, reliability and style. With their focus on security, durability and the constant improvement of steel doors and frames, you can be sure that your Steelcraft door will last a long, long time.

Why We Like JR Metal Frames…
For over 30 years, they have produced high quality, custom hollow frames and metal door solutions from right here in New England. You can rest assured knowing that each is made with pride, attention to detail and dependability. JR Metal Frames offers custom sizing and variety of frame types such as nailer, no return, split, center glaze, reveal, shadow, side lite, knock down, transom and many more. Plus they offer any hinge location, lock or strike preps.

When you build with us you will walk into your building feeling proud of how it looks and we will feel good knowing that door is safe and durable.

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