Green Technology, on the Forefront of the Construction Industry

Green technology is a large category that covers everything from energy-efficient appliances to geothermal heating. The idea behind green technology is to find ways to build and materials to use that reduce waste and pollution and help sustain natural resources.

There are many different green technologies that builders can incorporate into their projects, no matter where the project is located around the country.

For reducing heating and cooling loss through roofs, check out cool roofs. They are designed to reflect more of the sun’s rays than the average shingle roof and to prevent the warm or cool air inside the house from escaping through the top of the building. Since a cool roof can reflect intense heat and trap cool air inside, the strain placed on a home’s air conditioning system can be greatly reduced.

Green insulation, which is made out of recycled materials, is a terrific alternative to fiberglass insulation. It is made out of anything from old, discarded blue jeans to cellulose (recycled newspapers). One of the benefits of using cellulose and cotton-based green insulation is that they don’t have the health concerns related to handling fiberglass.

Smart glass, also known as electrochromic glass, is an effective way to cut down on HVAC costs. It uses a tiny burst of electricity to charge ions on a window layer and change the amount of light the window reflects. Smart glass lets you choose how much light you want to block. It’s still being perfected for commercial use and is part of the wave of important future green construction products.

If you’re building in an area of the country where solar power makes sense, active and passive solar power systems are worth the investment. Passive solar home design uses the sun’s rays to heat a home through strategic placement of windows within the home. Active solar systems, which require the installation of panels, provide more heat than passive solar design. Gas and electric consumption is greatly reduced when solar energy is used to warm air and water.

These, and other green technology options, can mean energy savings and reduced long-term costs for the homeowner as well as protection of natural resources.

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