Geometrik’s offers a line of acoustical ceilings and wall tiles that combine beauty and noise control

At Merrimack Building Supply our talented team of designers and project managers work with our clients to find the perfect blend of style and acoustic function for all of your project needs.

Aesthetic beauty doesn’t have to be compromised when choosing wood acoustical ceilings and wall panels for your next residential or commercial project. We focus on providing customers with the options that best fit their unique project needs.

There are many different styles and finishes of Geometrik acoustic ceiling and wall panels to choose from. Each with their own unique characteristics.

Our Geometrik products are available in many different finishes. From birch and maple to cherry and oak we provide clients with a list of domestic and exotic options to best fit their style and motif. Additionally, we help match existing colors for the perfect finished look.

Here are a few of the different styles available for your next project:

Geometrik’s Geopanel Grille and Linear Systems
A few of the more versatile and affordable systems are the Geometrik’s Geopanel Grille and Linear acoustic, wood panel systems. These systems are available in solid wood or veneered blades, are easy to install and make a great choice for projects like auditoriums, banks or office spaces.


Geometrik’s Geosquare Systems
If you’re wanting more of square ceiling or wall panel look, check out Geometrik’s Geosquare suspended wood tiles. These systems are available with or without perforation and are very quick and easy to install. The Geometrik’s Geosquare systems are most commonly used in lobbies, reception areas and general office settings.


Geometrik’s Geolinear Suspended Wood Ceiling Systems
The Geometrik’s Geolinear Suspended Wood Ceiling System help you avoid the “paneled” look by providing a smooth and continuous wood ceiling design. This lightweight system doesn’t require heavy framing support behind it.


Geopanel “Sonata” or Geopanel “Symfonia”
Projects that require a higher level of noise reduction, like conference rooms and concert halls, will benefit from the installation of Geopanel “Sonata” or Geopanel “Symfonia” wood acoustical ceiling and wall panels.

Geopanel “Sonata” and “Symfonia” not only achieve higher levels of noise reduction coefficient (NRC) but also eliminate the need for additional insulation to enhance acoustical performance. Required NRC is achieved by choosing the appropriate acoustical membrane and installation of these panels are as easy as hanging a picture frame.

“Symfonia” is specially designed for concert halls, auditoriums and cathedrals and needs to be installed above the sound source and over the audience seating area.


We’re here to help you choose the acoustic ceiling and wall tile system that best fits your needs! To learn more about Geometrik contact us today to learn more.

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