What Everyone Should Know About Fire Door Safety in Commercial Buildings

Fire safety, unfortunately, is often a low priority. Some people believe that if the batteries in the smoke detector are checked regularly, their building is safe. This means fire door safety is often pushed aside, which leaves your office space and your employees in peril. Not only that, but fire doors are required by local, state, national, and international building codes. Fire doors protect your workers, shoppers, and your assets. They also reduce the likelihood of the fire spreading throughout the entire building and damaging a much more widespread area.

There are many different kinds of fire doors. Each has different ratings and comes with various extra safety features. They also offer different styles of doors, in case you have a specific look in mind. Fire doors are not difficult to replace, so if you do not like the one that came with the building for some reason, you can replace it without too much trouble.

When you are buying a fire door, make sure to take note of the door manufacturer, whether the opening has fire exit tools, temperature rise rating, and the length of time the door is supposed to last against a fire. Also, consider whether the door is for internal or external use, and whether it is going to be set up to close automatically or manually. These are all important factors to keep in mind while you are choosing your door.

Fire doors need to be inspected at least once a year by someone from your local fire department to make sure it is still functional, as the durability can wear away over time. If your fire door has weakened, make sure to purchase a new one as soon as possible.

To go along with these annual inspections, there are also some things you can do to help maintain your fire doors. Avoid propping them open with anything because it can render them ineffective if a fire does happen. Similarly, do not lock or block the door. While it may make sense for security reasons day-to-day, if an emergency happens, it will endanger the lives of people inside the building.

If you are looking for more advice on fire door safety in your commercial building or a place to purchase one, visit the team at Merrimack Building Supply, Inc today.

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