Electric Hand Dryers are an Energy-Efficient Alternative to Paper Towels

There’s been much debate about whether it’s more ecologically sound to use electric hand dryers or paper towels in restrooms in commercial and public buildings.

Statistics show that it takes more energy to manufacture a recycled paper towel than it does to operate a hand dryer. Additional costs involved in making paper towels include harvesting the trees, adding chemicals in the manufacturing process and transporting the paper towels via vehicles that use fossil fuels to stores and businesses. During the pulping process of making paper towels, harmful pollutant can be emitted and dumped into waterways.

A complaint by companies that use paper towels in their restrooms is that they have to clean up after the towels. Sometimes, they’re flushed down toilets, causing the units to become clogged. Properly disposed paper towels have to be bagged and taken to a landfill.

While it takes energy to manufacture electric hand dryers, the fact that dryers last so long-usually up to 10 years-means that the energy involved with the manufacturing process accounts for a very small part of the dryer’s total energy consumption over its lifetime. Each individual use of an electric hand dryer consumes a fraction of a kilowatt of electricity.

Hand dryer covers should be opened at least once a year to remove any dust that has accumulated inside the unit. High speed hand dryers work well in restrooms with high traffic because the force of the air naturally keeps them cleaner.

Some electric hand dryers contain Hepa (high-efficiency particulate air) filters, which can remove 99.97% of the bacteria in the atmosphere. Other hand dryers have anti-microbial compounds imbedded in the paints and plastic components to minimize the potential for the growth of bacteria. 

Highly-efficient ADA compliant hand dryers not only follow the guidelines of the ADA
(Americans With Disabilities Act) but have touch-free systems that help prevent the transfer of bacteria and germs.

These units, which use very little energy and require minimal maintenance, can be a great choice for your next restroom project.

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