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Great Reasons to Include Proper Insulation in Every Project Budget:

The world is increasingly coming to grips with the very real impact of climate change. More and more, builders, companies, and residential home owners are turning their attention to what they can do individually to protect the environment, and reduce their overall carbon footprint.

As a contractor or developer, if you’re looking to make a quick contribution to the wellness of Mother Nature, look no further than the insulation you’re installing in your buildings. According to a statistic published by, “buildings account for 28% of global CO2 emissions.” By properly insulating, you can do your part to make our buildings greener and cleaner.

Coping with the reality of climate change can be challenging for some, but it’s important that we all commit to changing and improving our society to help combat this problem. Here are a few reasons to include proper insulation into every project budget.

It’s a simple solution to a big problem
Although admittedly the price tag for quality insulation can be high, the importance of the extra investment cannot be minimized. According to a 2016 poll, the United States is currently the second highest emitter of carbon dioxide emissions in the world, producing nearly double that of India who is the third largest culprit. Where our transportation is still largely dependent on fossil fuels, it’s critical we look for solutions to other major sources of CO2. Properly insulating more of the homes and buildings we construct can quickly help reduce our impact on the environment long term.

It will save your clients money over time
The most obvious reason builders, contractors and home owners avoid properly insulating their buildings is the up front cost. That having been said, insulation is proven to dramatically reduce the cost of utilities for the end user. In the aforementioned article published by the Rockwool Group, they cite that “All building insulation sold in 2017 alone [by their company] will save 850 terawatt hours of heating energy during its lifetime.” To break that down to individual building owners, according to an article published by, by properly insulating your building “…you’ll save anywhere from 10% to 50% on heating and cooling bills.” Accordingly, properly insulating the residential and commercial buildings you produce is not a cost you should expect to “eat.” Budget for a quality insulation job, and pass the cost through to the buyer. A savvy buyer will understand the potential energy savings, and you can also help them do the math to realize how quickly they’ll make up for the extra investment.

New England has programs to help reduce the pain of replacing or upgrading insulation for your clients
It’s important to be able to point out to your clients that both Massachusetts and New Hampshire have programs to encourage property owners who want to do their part to conserve energy. An example of this is the Massachusetts HEAT loan. For home owners in MA, the state will offer a 0% interest rate for a repayment term of up to 7 years for certain energy conservation projects such as the installation of insulation in their home. In other words, for those clients who are hesitant to take your advice to properly insulate because they are scared of the bill, you should remind them they have cost-effective options to finance those improvements. You should also remind them of the environmental benefits, and the energy savings that will return their investment to them over time.

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