We at Merrimack Building Supply, Inc. are proud to serve contractors around New England by providing a number of products and services to help complete your next job on time and on budget. So whether you’re building a structure from the ground up or are subcontracting a specific trade, our team is standing by ready to provide high-quality materials and excellent customer service.

An Integral Part of Your Team
In the construction business, time is money. Say it’s 5:30 a.m. and your crew is scheduled to lay drywall in Nashua. Being punctual is critical to keeping labor costs within the scope of your project, and the day can’t start until the materials arrive.

If the delivery is late? Costs add up, tensions build, and an early morning can turn into a very long day. And if the wrong products are loaded in the truck? Now you’re dealing with a full-on standstill. At Merrimack Building Supply, we pride ourselves on being delivering your materials to you accurately and on schedule so your team can get to work.

Anytime, Anywhere, Anyway
No job site is too far or too difficult to reach. With warehouses in Merrimack, NH; Medway, MA; and Stratford, CT, we span everywhere in New England. Plus, we house a fleet of vehicles that include box trucks, telescopic boom trucks, flatbeds, and more – which means any building type is within reach.

Doors, Frames & Hardware
For 30 years, we’ve been a leading supplier of all doors, frames, and hardware for contractors. Our full-service operation is complete with welders, project managers, detailers and a sales team, which means contacting our expert staff will give your next building beautiful, innovative doors with superior protection while turning heads!

So if you’re ready to build or need to direct your subcontractors where to find the best products for your job, Merrimack Building Supply, Inc. has the supplies and an expert staff at a price you can afford. We stock everything from high-abuse drywall, ROCKFON® acoustical ceilings, division 10 materials, exteriors, insulation, steel framing, plaster, tools, lumber and more.

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