Product Summary

Rockfon® GraphGrid® are welded wire panels that provide open plenum masking when installed with standard ceiling suspension systems. Since these panels are installed into standard suspension configurations installation is quick and easy. Additionally, these panels work well with standard lay-in lights and air diffusers. Rockfon® GraphGrid® wire panels come in a variety of colors and finishes which give contractors and designers flexibility in design.

We deliver Rockfon® GraphGrid® open plenum wire paneling throughout New England. Our locations are in NH, CT and MA which make it easy for our clients to get their materials quickly and cost effectively. We have an extensive fleet of boom trucks, box trucks and flat beds which allow us to handle projects of all sizes.

Features and Benefits

  • Lower total cost.
  • 100% random access to plenum.
  • Sustainable: minimum 25% recycled content, 100% locally recyclable, global/regional manufacture.

Fire Performance

Class A: flame 0, smoke 0 per ASTM E 84

ASTM E1264 Classification


Create attractive open ceilings in interior spaces.


Steel wire, painted

Hygienic Properties


Minimum 25% recycled content, 100% locally recyclable

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