Product Summary

ROCKFON® CurvGrid™ Two-Directional Curved Ceiling System utilizes factory curved suspension and flexible lay-in panels to create a variety of unique curved options. The patented technology reduces labor-intensive hanger drops cutting costs by up to 50% versus other systems. These flexible panels are available in a variety of colors and finishes and provide a curved celling that conceals the suspension from view.

The ROCKFON® CurvGrid™ Two-Directional Curved Ceiling System is a versatile product that we are glad to have in our arsenal of building supplies. As a leading distributor of Rockfon®  products we are excited to deliver this product and many more throughout New Hampshire, Boston, Massachusetts, and Connecticut.

Features and Benefits

  • Reduces installation cost by up to 50%.
  • Quality architectural fit and finish.
  • Greater aesthetic appeal with fewer hanger wires.
  • Sustainable: 75%-100% recycled content; 100% locally recyclable

Fire Performance

Class A: flame 0, smoke 0 per ASTM E 84 (metal)

ASTM E1264 Classification

Type XX, pattern C, G per ASTM E 1264


Dramatic waved ceilings, islands, vaults and transitions between ceiling heights in small- and large scale interior spaces.


Curved and straight main tees and straight cross tees connected to form 24” x 24” ceiling modules. Ceiling perimeter finished with CurvTrim. Ceiling modules may be left open or filled with flexible infill panels.

Hygienic Properties


Sustainable: 75%-100% recycled content; 100% locally recyclable.

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