Product Summary

The Rockfon® Alaska stone wool acoustic ceiling tiles give an elegant, smooth, white finish to any office, classroom, corridor, meeting room, reception area, or auditorium. These acoustic tiles are ideal for designers and contractors because they offer a wide selection of lay-in, tegular, and concealed edges.  Rockfon® Alaska tiles are known for their high sound absorption NRC of .90, light reflectance of .86 and also for having a high fire performance which makes them very versatile.

With locations throughout New England, Merrimack Building Supply is equipped with the box trucks, boom trucks and flat beds to help make your building supply shipments on time and on budget. If you are looking to learn more about the Rockfon® Alaska stone wool acoustic ceiling tiles or any other Rockfon® products, contact us today.

Features and Benefits

  • Elegant smooth white surface
  • High sound absorption (NRC = 0.90)
  • High fire performance
  • High light reflectance (LR = 0.86)
  • Optimal design freedom thanks to a large selection of edges (lay-in, tegular and concealed)

Fire Performance

US Flame Spread Index : 0
US Smoke Developed Index : 5
CA Flame Spread Index : 5
CA Smoke Developed Index : 0

ASTM E1264 Classification

Type XX – Stone wool base with membrane-faced overlay, Pattern G


  • Open Plan Office
  • Cellular Office
  • Classroom
  • Corridor
  • Meeting Room
  • Reception
  • Boutiques
  • Auditorium


Stone wool (Mineral Wool) ceiling tiles with factory painted glass scrim surface

Hygienic Properties

Stone wool provides no sustenance to microorganisms


Fully recyclable

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