Product Summary

The Chicago Metallic™ Radius Drywall Ceiling Suspension system is pre-notched on 8” intervals which allows it the ability to flex large radius concave and convex ceiling configurations. One the desired radius is obtained clips are fastened to the runners to help maintain the desire radius results. Applications may include churches, cathedrals or office buildings that are looking for a unique look and feel.

This specialized ceiling suspension system is one of the products that helps set Rockfon® apart from its competition. As New England’s largest distributor of Rockfon® products we can help guide you through the process of selecting your acoustic ceilings. Contact us today.

Features and Benefits

  • Radius tee comes pre-notched for custom forming on-site
  • Heavy-Duty suspension system for drywall ceilings
  • T-based system eliminates black-iron and reduces onsite labor
  • Factory notches to maintain spacing of cross furring members
  • Knurled face readily accepts drywall fasteners
  • HDG steel for corrosion resistance
  • Class A flame spread per ASTM E1264
  • Minimum 25% recycled content, 100% locally recyclable

Fire Performance

ASTM E1264 Classification



Galvanized Steel

Hygienic Properties


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