Product Summary

The Chicago Metallic™260 Intermediate Duty and 280 Heavy-Duty Snap-Grid™ tees are made from hot-dip galvanized steel with aluminum caps for additional corrosion resistance. Mostly used in fire rated areas like locker rooms, commercial kitchens and food prep areas the systems are equipped for use with industry standard acoustical panels and diffusers. Each are Fire-Front fire rated systems that install quickly and are easy to dismount.

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Features and Benefits

  • Aluminum cap provides added corrosion resistance.
  • Cost control.
  • Global compatibility and availability.
  • Sustainable: Aluminum-100%; steel-minimum 25% recycled content, 100% locally recyclable, global/regional manufacture.

Fire Performance

Chicago Metallic suspension systems meet a Class-A flame spread rating in accordance with ASTM standard E1264-08.

ASTM E1264 Classification


Fire Rated – Locker Rooms, Commercial Kitchens and food prep areas, Retail


ASTM C 635 Heavy Duty (HD) and Intermediate Duty (ID) main tee classifications; commercial quality HDG-30 steel, hot-dip galvanized body and aluminum cap, 15/16” width, 1-1/2” height. System is approved for all seismic areas.

Hygienic Properties


25% recycled content, 100% locally recyclable, global/regional manufacture.

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