Product Summary

Chicago Metallic™ 730 All Stainless Steel ceiling system components are roll formed from 304 stainless steel and is considered to be the most resistant to corrosion. The system is manufactured to meet performance criteria of severe environmental conditions. It is most commonly found in food preparation areas, laboratories, or laundries. This system is flame spread Class A and is suitable for complete seismic zone and category cover when used with stainless steel clip #416.15.

We are a proud supplier of Rockfon® and Chicago Metallic™ products throughout New England. Our three locations in Merrimack, NH, Boston, MA and Stratford CT make it easy for us to work with clients throughout the region. Contact us today to learn more about our Rockfon® products

Features and Benefits

  • Standard NEMA lay-in light fixtures fit properly.
  • Complete seismic zone and category coverage (when used with stainless steel clip #416.15).
  • Protective film on face of components ensures clean installation. This film is removed after components are installed.

Fire Performance

Chicago Metallic suspension systems meet a Class-A flame spread rating in accordance with ASTM standard E1264-08.

ASTM E1264 Classification


Food preparation, laboratories, or laundries


ASTM C 635 Intermediate Duty (ID) main tee classification, Type 304 commercial quality stainless steel. 15/16” wide bottom flange with Type 304 alloy, 2B finish stainless steel capping.

Hygienic Properties


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