Product Summary

The Chicago Metallic™ 1496 Seismic Perimeter Clip is most widely used in IBC category C, D, E, and F seismic zones as an alternative method of stabilizing the perimeter of suspended ceiling system components. Its sleek design allows contractors to use a sleeker 15/16” wall angle instead of a 2” angle which helps eliminate costly stabilizer bars and perimeter hanger wires. 1496 Seismic Perimeter Clip has been evaluated by ICC-ES (refer to ICCES ESR #2631 for applicable components) and is compatible with Chicago Metallic™ suspension systems: 200 Snap-Grid™, 250 Fire-Front®, 1200 Seismic, 1250 Fire Front Seismic, 1260 Aluminum Cap, 1280 Aluminum Cap, 260 Aluminum Cap, 280 Aluminum Cap, 4000 Tempra, 4050 Fire-rated Tempra™, 4500 Ultraline™, 4550 Ultraline, 4600 Ultraline™ bolt-slot and  660 Wide Face Grid ceiling suspension.


The Chicago Metallic™ 1496 Seismic Perimeter Clip is one of Rockfon’s® most versatile and cost saving products. To learn more about this product and other Rockfon® products contact us today.

Features and Benefits

  • Bright gold color makes clip easily identifiable on job site inspections.
  • Installation time for ceiling panels is reduced by eliminating spacer channels. Ceiling panel damage due to perimeter hanger wires is eliminated (if this method is approved by local code officials).

Fire Performance

ASTM E1264 Classification


Useful in Seismic Design Categories C, D, E and F as an alternate method of stabilizing perimeter (border) tees. Used in lieu of stabilizer bars (to prevent the tees from spreading apart), and the perimeter hanger wire, if approved by the local authority having jurisdiction. The clip allows tees to move into or away from the wall angle per IBC code and CISCA recommendations.


Commercial quality steel, gold color, sized to fit Chicago Metallic ceiling grid components

Hygienic Properties


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