Product Summary

The Chicago Metallic™ 1494 Seismic Separation Joint Clip is used in IBC category D, E and F seismic zones as a replacement method to creating traditional separation joints every 2500 sq/ft. The clip can be used to create a ceiling joint across a main runner or cross tee and can be utilized when you want to create 2 directional movements in a ceiling. It’s one-piece design makes it versatile and easy to attach.

The Chicago Metallic™ 1494 Seismic Separation Joint Clip is compatible with many of the suspension systems available.  The 1494 Seismic Separation Joint Clip is a versatile product that we are glad to have in our arsenal of products. As a leading distributor of Rockfon® and Chicago Metallic products we are excited to deliver this product and many more throughout New England.

Features and Benefits

  • Shaker table tested.
  • Strong code compliant solution for seismic categories D, E, F.
  • Sits on top of the grid members for easy attachment.
  • Hidden design provides clean look on finished ceiling.
  • 1 piece design works on all applications.
  • 1494 Clip can be used on the Main Runners and Cross Tees, minimizing inventory needs.
  • Maintains ceiling system strength.

Fire Performance

ASTM E1264 Classification


International Building Code
(IBC), a seismic separation
joint is required in Seismic
Categories D, E and F where ceiling areas are larger than 2500 sq.ft. The 1494 Separation Joint Clip is a shaker table tested alternative solution to providing the unsightly traditional separation joint that is currently prescribed in the IBC.


Commercial quality steel, sized to fit Chicago Metallic ceiling grid components

Hygienic Properties


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