The Joys and Challenges of Partnerships in the Construction Industry

There are many construction companies with small staffs and limited cash flow that can greatly benefit from partnering with another company.

When bidding for and delivering a project would be too big for your company to handle by itself, a partnership with a company that has complementary skill sets can mean that acquiring large projects is now possible. Another benefit of partnership is that financial risk can be spread out among partners.

A joint venture can be a great way for your company to grow. Your partner can introduce... read more

Women, Wear Your Hard Hats!

According to statistics on the National Association of Women in Construction’s website, there were 939,000 women involved in the construction industry by the end of 2016. This represents less than 10% of the total construction industry workforce. Adding more women to the industry is good for everyone’s bottom line, according to recent studies.

McKinsey & Company, a global management consulting firm, has found that companies with more diversit... read more

The LEED Program Helps You Build Green and Saves Money

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is a green building rating system that is used around the world for new construction and renovations. It was developed 20 years ago by the non-profit U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) and includes a set of rating systems for the design, construction, operation and maintenance of green residential and commercial buildings.

A LEED certification is a globally-recognized symbol that means a building has achieved a certain level of sustainability. Certifications are available for a wid... read more

Electric Hand Dryers are an Energy-Efficient Alternative to Paper Towels

There’s been much debate about whether it’s more ecologically sound to use electric hand dryers or paper towels in restrooms in commercial and public buildings.

Statistics show that it takes more energy to manufacture a recycled paper towel than it does to operate a hand dryer. Additional costs involved in making paper towels include harvesting the trees, adding chemicals in the manufacturing process and transporting the paper towels via vehicles that use fossil fuels to stores and businesses. During the pulping process of making ... read more

Not All Toilet Partitions are Created Equal

When it comes to selecting the best toilet partitions for your project, it’s important to consider how the units will be secured in place and to research the materials used to ensure that they will be able to withstand the anticipated patrons, traffic and wear and tear.

Floor anchored partitions are easy to install and can have an overhead brace if desired. Choosing a partition that hangs from the ceiling is a great option if ease of cleaning the floor is a priority. However, the most stable toilet partitions are those that are anch... read more

Geometrik’s offers a line of acoustical ceilings and wall tiles that combine beauty and noise control

At Merrimack Building Supply our talented team of designers and project managers work with our clients to find the perfect blend of style and acoustic function for all of your project needs.

Aesthetic beauty doesn’t have to be compromised when choosing wood acoustical ceilings and wall panels for your next residential or commercial project. We focus on providing customers with the options that best fit their unique project needs.

There are many different styles and finishes of

Electronic Locking Systems to Keep You Safe

Having a secure way to enter and exit a building is important to everyone from homeowners who are concerned about the safety of their family members to employees who find themselves working alone late at night.

Fortunately, there are effective smart lock systems on the marketplace that are easy for young children and students to use and provide peace of mind for employees working in large office buildings.

There are locks with or without a traditional key. Some have keypads, while others have a built-in alarm that sounds when s... read more

Fire – Rated Drywall Options

Commercial and residential building codes around the country dictate that certain types of drywall should be used in specific places within structures.

In residential homes the installation of fire-rated drywall is often required by state and local building codes on interior and exterior walls near furnaces and utility rooms and recommended on walls that will be near a wood-burning stove. Attached garages often have fire-rated drywall in the walls and ceilings that are adjacent to the main living area of the home.

Fire-rated ... read more

Understanding Sound Ratings

When it comes to work, educational and recreational building environments, unwanted sounds can be a tremendous annoyance and interfere with productivity.

Fortunately, there are highly effective ways of decreasing sound transmission on the marketplace. Merrimack Building Supply now stocks acoustical ceiling tiles and grids made by Rockfon/Chicago Metallic, which has been a leading manufacturer of ceiling tiles in Europe for more than 50 years.

To better understand soundproofing materials and construction techniques that help re... read more

Must-have drywall tools

You might already know that Merrimack Building Supply carries all your gypsum product needs. That our warehouses keep a large stock of products from sheetrock and compounds to blueboard and plaster and a great stock of specialty boards; moisture resistant, abuse/impact resistant, all types of sound deadening board, tile backer, cement board, and shaft wall liner.

Did you know, we also carry all the drywall tools you need to get the job done? Not just tape and trowels, but drywall sanders, T-Squares and... read more

How NRC can help you select your next acoustic ceiling tiles

What is NRC?

NRC stands for Noise Reduction Coefficient. This is the measurement of the amount of noise absorbed by a ceiling material. Recent changes in the building and standards guidelines means that planning for sound absorption is more important than ever. It is a myth that you can both absorb AND block noise using acoustic ceiling tiles. There is not enough mass in ceiling tiles to do both, plus the addition of things such as lights and vents make the task even more difficult.

Why is NRC important... read more

Which lock systems will keep your clients the safest?

When choosing a locking system for a client there are many factors to consider. From the material of the door to the metal grade of the lock, each part needs to be carefully thought out.

Planning the proper security for your next project is as easy as contacting Merrimack Building Supply. We can walk you through the wide variety of options that we have available. In addition to our large in stock supply of locks, we offer spec writing, take off, and project management ser... read more

Quick guide to successful sound design

Sound surrounds us at all time. From classrooms to hospitals, office buildings to doctors offices, we deal with noise pollution every day.

Some situations call for noise to be reduced for privacy. Doctor’s offices and hospitals need to not only be hygienic but need to be able to keep noise to a minimum. Increased patient stress and decreased patient sleep occur in care areas without high performing, sound absorptive, acoustic ceilings. (

How to spruce up your next project with architectural hardware

Are you tired of the same old hardware on every door? We offer a wide variety of architectural hardware, contemporary hardware and specialty hardware, something perfect for every project.

Merrimack Building Supply has the knowledge and expertise to help you with your architectural hardware needs. We offer spec writing, take off, and project management services to help you stay on budget and on time.

With our read more

Why is NRC important to your clients?

Your clients are thinking about sounds absorption, are you? According to Rockfon, NRC or Noise Reduction Coefficient represents of the amount of sound energy absorbed upon striking a particular surface. This number is important, not only in places like concert halls and large office buildings, but doctor’s offices and restaurants too.

Noise pollution isn’t just annoyi... read more

Hollow Steel Doors are an Attractive Alternative to Wood

Besides being aesthetically pleasing we believe that hollow steel doors are a solid, durable and safe alternative to wood. We offer two brands of steel doors that can provide an attractive complement to your buildings exterior. Merrimack Building Supply is a large stocking distributor of

Myths about Acoustic Ceilings

Acoustic ceilings are often overlooked when designing the ideal office space. In order to achieve a balanced room, it’s important to analyze a room’s dimensions, the number of people using the space and the activities taking place in the room. There are a number of misconceptions surrounding sound design and we’d like to take some time to address these myths and offer some solutions to ensure that you are getting the most out of your acoustic products.

Myth #1: It’s okay to sacrifice ceiling absorption for higher sound... read more

Innovations in the Construction Industry

New materials, energy, design approaches and new technology have created a wave of innovations in the construction industry. Will these innovations come from start-ups or can established firms take the lead in these innovations?  “The best way to evolve in the long run and to do it sustainably is through continuous innovations. If we can do things smarter and more efficiently than others, we gain a clear competitive advantage, “says Pekka Metsi, CEO of Granlund.

According to, here... read more

Why you Should Use Rockfon® Acoustic Ceilings for Your Healthcare Facility

Healthcare facilities (hospitals, doctor’s offices, clinics, rehab centers, nursing homes) focus on creating comforting environments for their patients. They are moving away from the harsh, cold atmosphere of previous generations to focus on a warmer environment incorporating many different design elements and offering a more aesthetic appeal. Design is not just about looks and layout but is about acoustics, hygiene, fire safety and sustainability. Rockfon® is a leader in this field and  provide cost-effective sol... read more

What Everyone Should Know About Fire Door Safety in Commercial Buildings

Fire safety, unfortunately, is often a low priority. Some people believe that if the batteries in the smoke detector are checked regularly, their building is safe. This means fire door safety is often pushed aside, which leaves your office space and your employees in peril. Not only that, but fire doors are required by local, state, national, and international building codes. Fire doors protect your workers, shoppers, and your assets. They also reduce the likelihood of the fire spreading throughout the entire building and damaging a much mor... read more

Why Connecticut Businesses Choose Rockfon Ceilings

When you’re building or renovating a facility in Hartford, Bristol, or anywhere else in Connecticut, you want durable materials that deliver the best overall value. Rockfon and Chicago Metallic Corporation offer some of the best options in ceiling solutions. Rockfon’s stone wool and metallic ceilings are a simple way to create beautiful spaces that are good for your employees and your clients.

Rockfon Acoustics

Wide open spaces allow noise to travel, and noise creates stress. Continued exposure to ambient n... read more

NRC vs. CAC – The Acoustical Sound Absorption Debate

The two important properties to keep in mind when choosing acoustical ceiling panels are Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) and Ceiling Attenuation Class (CAC).

NRC refers to a surface’s ability to reduce noise by absorbing sound or the percentage of sound energy not reflected by the panel, which ranges from 0 to 1.0. The thickness and density of a product are two factors in calculating a Noise Reduction Coefficient. An acoustic ceiling product with a .95 NRC rating means that 95% of sound in the room is absorbed, wh... read more

The Construction Industry: A Look Back at 2017 and What to Expect in 2018

The Skilled Labor Shortage

Looking back, 2017 will be the year that construction returned to the national spotlight, as infrastructure spending, pre-recession levels of construction activity and the skilled labor shortage dominated headlines. With skilled labor aging out of the workforce, and younger workers abandoning the trades for traditional four-year college degrees, contractors have been forced to figure out how to accomplish more with the same — or fewer — resources.

With experts predicting a growth ... read more

Apprenticeships: The Construction Industry’s Solution for the Labor Shortage

As media outlets continue to report, there’s an ongoing commercial construction labor shortage that is impacting everything from availability of skilled subcontractors to the increasingly competitive hiring market for construction management professionals. The building and construction industry requires a wide range of skilled professionals to make it tick.

Apprenticeships can offer a precise match between the skills employers want and the training workers receive, says Robert Lerman, an economics professor at American University, i... read more

Rockfon® Acoustic Plenum Barriers

Implementing them into your building design…

Why you need them:

Over the past 10 years, building surveys have shown that people have been dissatisfied with the level of sound absorption and overall privacy between rooms that buildings provide. Noise is the number one complaint in areas like offices, medical facilities and schools. In one example, students are currently not able to understand one out of every four spoken words in classrooms due to inadequate ceiling acoustics.

People have come to exp... read more

The Advantages of ROCKFON Stone Wool Ceiling Tiles

Rockfon’s newly published catalog features their stone wool ceiling products for North America. Known for their design, aesthetics and ease of installation, ROCKFON® stone wool panels inherently provide the unique performance attributes of acoustic control, fire protections and humidity resistance.

What is Stone Wool?
Stone wool is a material produced by a patented technology of melting volcanic stone, or basalt, and recycled materials which give stone wool a number of superior performance characteristics and... read more

Tips on How to Bid Successfully on Your Next Construction Project

Despite the seemingly basic nature of bidding, the process can be complicated for projects of all sizes. Having a clear and targeted bid will make sure you are not eliminated from competition, without being able to bid fairly with other contractors.

Whatever type of project you are bidding on, there are a few basic tips to keep in mind.

Keep it simple. Be straight to the point, presenting facts not ideas. The wording that you use will be the key for someone to keep reading your bid or to put it aside. ... read more

The Most Common Building Project Delays

In an ideal world, every construction project would perfectly match its expected timeline and budget. In the real world, construction projects involve many moving parts that don’t always go according to plan. When obstacles arise, the way contractors, project managers, and others handle the situation can make or break the construction experience.

Here are some of the most common delays in building projects and the techniques professionals can use to overcome them:

Change orders. Along the way, client... read more

The Advantages of Buying from an Independent Building Supplier

For over two decades, national chain retailers have been expanding at an alarming rate, displacing locally and independently owned material suppliers and hardware stores. While these mega-stores claim to have bargain prices and a huge inventory, buying your building products from local suppliers has many advantages for your community.

Studies conducted by Civic Economics found “that the local retailers return a total of 52 percent of their revenue to the loc... read more

Going Green? Consider These Building Tips

“Going green” simply means building with sustainability and environmental responsibility in mind. Making ecologically responsible building choices helps protect our environment for future generations. Additionally, contractors, builders, and construction companies are heavily incentivized to build sustainably, especially from social pressure from an increasingly environmentally conscious public.

If you’re thinking about how to build sustainably, keep a few things in mind. Ultimately, your goal should be to minimize the environme... read more

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