An architect is crucial in designing, constructing, and maintaining the necessary requirements of a building. Encompassing all interior and exterior components, as well as the space surrounding a building, an architect’s decisions must be pragmatic, energy-efficient, structurally sound, and aesthetically pleasing all in one.

Because planning to rigid code specifications takes a great deal of consideration, it helps to have a building supplier in the area who carries top-notch products to meet the rigorous standards required in a modern building. That’s why we at Merrimack Building Supply, Inc. work to introduce architects to the latest and greatest in building products to specify their next project including the best in drywall, high-tech doors, lumber and much more.

The ROCKFON® Difference
One suite of cutting-edge building products we carry is acoustical ceilings from ROCKFON®. Buildings all across New England are more frequently including these state-of-the-art ceilings, and we encourage any architect to reach out to our team to learn more about ROCKFON®.

What is ROCKFON®
The world’s premier stone wool ceilings, ROCKFON® is a lightweight, versatile product extracted from basalt rocks. Because of basalt rock’s unique physical features, ROCKFON® is softer and performs better than traditional ceilings.

What are the Benefits of ROCKFON®?
Sound Absorption – The modern office has come a long way from endless rows of cubicles. ROCKFON® ceilings are designed to absorb sound waves and strengthen speech clarity.
Safety – Basalt is formed when lava meets water. And as a result of being forged in heat, ROCKFON’s® fibers won’t melt below 1000°C. This inhibits the spread of fire and allows more time for safe building exit and fire rescue.

Clean Cut – ROCKFON® doesn’t leave as much of a mess as traditional ceilings and can form to any modern building design and shapes.

Design Trends – The material lends itself to a number of different patterns and colors, which is a far cry from the boxy tiles that were the standard for years.

Going Green – 40% of ROCKFON® comes from recycled material, as 95% of material waste is repurposed and sold as raw materials to other industries and alternative manufacturing purposes.

Merrimack Building Supply, Inc. carries the full compliment of ceiling solutions from ROCKFON®, as well high-quality building products designed to meet any number of building code standards. If you’re an architect, head into one of our three locations to see what we can offer.

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