The Advantages of ROCKFON Stone Wool Ceiling Tiles

Rockfon’s newly published catalog features their stone wool ceiling products for North America. Known for their design, aesthetics and ease of installation, ROCKFON® stone wool panels inherently provide the unique performance attributes of acoustic control, fire protections and humidity resistance.

What is Stone Wool?
Stone wool is a material produced by a patented technology of melting volcanic stone, or basalt, and recycled materials which give stone wool a number of superior performance characteristics and attributes. Most notably is the that basalt is non combustible, which makes ROCKFON stone wool ceiling tiles the best on the market in overall Fire Safety.

What are the benefits of stone wool?
Known for their acoustic absorption, ROCKFON® stone wool ceiling tiles minimize unwanted noise and increase the sounds we want and need to hear. One case where optimal acoustics is key is in the classroom. As reported by SAGE Journals, loud or reverberant classrooms may cause teachers to raise their voices, leading to increased teacher stress and fatigue (Tiesler & Oberdörster, 2008).

Another key advantage, as stated above, is the fact that since they are made from volcanic stone (basalt), ROCKFON stone wool acoustic tiles can withstand temperatures up to 2150°F , does not contribute to the development and spread of fire and are UL/ULC certified for Flame Spread and Smoke Development. If these attributes are not enough, the fact that they are easy to install, they increase indoor air quality, are hygienic and easy to clean.

ROCKFON stone wool ceiling products include the following:

Rockfon Alaska®
These ceiling tiles offer ideal design freedom due to their large selection of edges. This makes them ideal for large spaces such as, classrooms, meeting rooms, auditoriums and open floor office spaces. Schools will see the benefit of more children being able to hear their teachers clearly due to their high sound absorption (NRC = 0.90)

Rockfon® Hygienic Plus™
These high performance tiles are suitable for clean room type environments like restaurants, cafeterias, laboratories and other sanitary areas (baths, showers, washrooms etc). Some of the benefits of these tiles are their excellent sound absorption (NRC = 0.90), low particle emission (ISO Class 5, ISO14644-1) for better air cleanliness, high fire performance and high light reflectance (LR = 0.83)

Rockfon® Industrial™ Opal
For industrial applications these tiles offer the ability to create a new ceiling or place under one already existing. These also offer high fire performance and and excellent sound absorption (NRC + 1.05) needed for manufacturing and other industrial areas.

ROCKFON® stone wool ceiling tiles are a fast and simple way to create beautiful, comfortable and safe spaces. To learn more about all of their products you can visit their website at

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