Leading Distributor of Commercial & Residential


Merrimack Building Supply, Inc.

is a leading distributor of commercial and residential building products. Established in 1985, Merrimack Building Supply ranks superior in the

building materials
industry due to its commitment of quality and service. Our major product lines include Drywall, Steel Framing, Insulation, Acoustical Ceilings, Plaster & Compounds, Exterior Finishes, Tools, Commercial Doors, Frames & Hardware and Division 10 products.

We have warehouses in

New Hampshire





and deliver to anywhere in New England with our extensive fleet of boom trucks, box trucks and flat beds.

We offer many services in addition to delivery such as Estimating, EIFS Tinting, Door, Frame and Hardware Installation, and a Custom Hollow Metal Shop.

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building supplies
merrimack building supply
building supplies

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